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But what is an adjustable cervical collar?
Adjustable cervical can be applied longitudinally in one piece and blocks the movement of unwanted position due to its light and durable materials.
At the same time, the adjustable plastic jaw mechanism prevents unwanted extension of the cervical, flexion and internal and external rotation movements. In fact, the biggest advantage is that it contains materials that will not prevent the X-ray shot.
Although there is an adjustable cervical collar, there is no standard measurement for each patient. The collar should be used according to the size of the patient’s cervical. Adjustable cervicalstrap application becomes very easy after optimum body selection is achieved.
First of all, flexion and extension adjustments should be made by means of the mechanism on the adjustable cervical collar and then the nape section is applied to the nape section.
Of course, the application is extremely easy to use, and a few details about the adjustable cervical collar without giving up on the course of course we are not intent on hakkında
The product must not be washed and disposed of in the washing machine. In case of need for cleaning, it is sufficient to wipe with a damp cloth. Stay healthy…

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