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Height Adjustable First Aid Collar

The word first aid creates a feeling of fear in many of us. The reason for fear is undoubtedly that we are afraid of wrong intervention. Even if we are experienced in first aid, there are moments when our hands are tied and our consciousness is almost turned off. Especially if we don’t have first aid supplies at hand. The most important step we need to take to avoid such situations is; There will be a height-adjustable first aid collar for our home, office and car.

Although the height-adjustable first aid collar is mostly used in ambulances, if it is found in vehicles, it is applied immediately to the victim and used to prevent the bad consequences of possible spinal cord injury. As we have mentioned in our previous articles, with a neck brace applied immediately after the accident, the person’s chance of survival and continuing his life with minimal damage increases by 80%. We must understand the value of health before it is lost and take the necessary precautions against accidents before it is too late.

If we need to give information about the height-adjustable first aid collar that we sell as Elde Medikal;

The Mediplus brand height-adjustable first aid collar that we have is offered for sale with the possibility of being adjusted to 4 different levels in the adult model and 3 different levels in the pediatric model, so that it can be adapted to every patient and be used comfortably.
The sponge on the inside of the neck collar is attached with round clips and is designed entirely for comfortable use by patients.
The Mediplus brand height-adjustable first aid collar is also made of MRI-compatible material, does not cause any problems in case of a possible MRI examination, and of course has the CE certificate.
Although we have often come across the phrases “He who is healthy means he has hope, and he who has hope has everything” or “Health is the beginning of everything”, the important thing is not to ignore these sentences and take the necessary precautions. Although the height-adjustable first aid collar is applied by first aid teams arriving at the scene, it is always useful to have it on hand.