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Neck Collar With Chin Rest

The human neck fulfills its duty as the most mobile part of the spine, which houses very important body structures (medulla spinalis, spinal nerves, carotid, vertebral and cervial) and acts as a support force for the head. The fact that the neck is described as the most mobile part brings with it some problems, the biggest of which is that it is more exposed to impacts and injuries. As a result of impacts and injuries, a serious treatment process may be required. Let’s keep ourselves and our loved ones out of sight as much as we want, but if an accident happens, the use of a neck brace may be a mandatory need for both treatment and rest. The neck brace, which we also know as a neck brace with a chin rest and which we have probably experienced from our relatives, is nothing more than a security wall surrounding the neck.

A neck brace with chin rest is an indispensable option for the treatment and rest process, whether in the treatment methods to be applied after impact and injury or in the post-operative physical therapy process. The neck brace with chin rest is designed according to the anatomical neck shape, and at the same time, providing chin support is one of the factors that facilitate its use. The neck brace with chin rest can also be adjusted to the desired length and height within the framework of the patient’s needs. When a person wants the products he needs or thinks he needs, he first considers the intended use, right? But when this need is shaped under the title of health, possibilities are strained and limits are exceeded.

As Elde Medikal and Mediplus Medikal, we care about your health and support you throughout your treatment process. We guarantee that you can reach the quality and ergonomic chin rest neck brace standards under our brand name, without allowing you to exceed your means. Remember, there is no wealth other than health!